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This product group is a special package of some of the music typesetting and arranging products available under the other standard product, for which the alternate link is available on this site. It includes the following for the benefit of different musicians:

music typesetting


transposition whole scores or individual parts from one key to another

audio assistance files (.mp3 format) to help musicians (both vocal and instrumental) learn their individual parts, as well as being able to hear a simulation of all parts together

translation service for translating lyrics into English, where the original language is Latin, French or German - particularly useful where an English translation is not available

This can be either produced as a literal translation for audience benefit only or, with additional cost (because of the extra effort and creativity involved), recreation of a singable English text, where singing in English is considered more desirable.

For languages other than Latin, French or German, we can assist in finding a translator who may be able to help and outsourcing such translations, however, for these other languages, an overriding additional handling fee (subject to negotiation) would be required.

It should be noted that we do not offer translations from English to other languages and it is felt that the greatest demand would be to produce English texts in any case, rather than texts in the other languages.

In the same way as with Typesetting and Arranging services, this work is undertaken by people who are qualified members of the Music Arrangers’ Guild of Australia. All types of music can be handled and is produced using the world's leading software for this type of work. Additionally, by clicking on the “Sample files” link below, you will be able to access printed scores with sound playback facilities to give you a further insight into the work we complete for our customers. Again, for more details about this product line, please click on the “More Info” link below to take you to the page where there is more information on our pricing and other details.


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