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Please find below links to sample files, which, for files produced in either Finale or Sibelius software, after you click on the appropriate links, will open as videos which show the printed music with a scroll line showing where the playback is occurring, giving you both an impression of the printed music as well as how it sounds. These can be used to help performers for their rehearsals and performances. It should be emphasised, however, that where lyrics are included in this music, this playback is limited to simulation aahs or oohs, as the software, for the foreseeable future, cannot handle full lyric playback of lyrics. (No music notation software has that facility yet.)

At this stage, there are only Finale format files on this page, however we may add Sibelius files in the future.

Example of Full Score and Part Extraction

Suo Gân - Welsh Lullaby (Extract for Demonstration)

Example of Choral Score with Original German Words
and English Singable Translation Added

Kleine Maria (Little Maria), Opus 86, No 2 for Eight Part Choir A Capella - Composed 1911 Max Bruch (Extract for Demonstration)

Max Bruch Portrait
Max Bruch (1838 - 1920)
Kleine Maria Score First Page
Kleine Maria Score - First Page

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