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The following are links to sample recordings of conversions from vinyl records to CD or cassette to CD. As well as providing an example of the quality of output achievable from the conversion from each of vinyl records or cassettes, the purpose of these samples is also to demonstrate how, where necessary, recordings can be improved by applying extra filtering to reduce and, if possible, eliminate background noise, crackling (particularly with older vinyl CDs) and other imperfections. This is also to demonstrate what is achievable in the service for which you are paying. We aim to achieve the highest quality possible and, in the case of two of the three musical examples included here, we are also producing two versions of two of those examples, where the original is of a quality which can be improved. The first version of these two files is the version which has not been improved and the second version is one where improvements to reduce background noise, hissing or crackling have been applied. We hope that you will see the benefits in passing your valued recordings to us, so that we can apply these extra touchups where these are needed.

To play these files, Adobe Flash Player must be activated through your browser.

If Adobe Flash Player is not installed on your system, which will be the case if you cannot see the sound controls under the music title names, you may install it by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

DISCLAIMER:   Whilst every effort is made to improve recordings, where this is needed, in order to make them as perfect as possible, sometimes there are limitations as to what is able to be produced with improving the quality and these limitations can be directly related to the quality of the original recordings which you provide. For example, if you provide a vinyl recording with large scratches on it, then there will be severe limitations on how the final product can be improved. Similarly, with a cassette, if the tape is wrinkled or damaged in other ways, then, again, the final output quality could be similarly reduced.

Vinyl to CD

Sample of Vinyl to CD

Inferior Version of Ades pater supreme

Sample of cheaply produced recording

Sample of Vinyl to CD

Enhanced Version of Ades pater supreme

Sample of superior produced recording

Ades pater supreme

(Come Supreme Father)

This work is the seventh of of a set of Latin language madrigals with the lyrics for this one being written by Philomenus Gundelius, the full set being named Odae cum harmoniis (Harmonious Odes), which were arranged by Johannes Honterus (1498 - 1549), published in 1548 in Brasov, Romania from old melodies of Greek background, however using the text of Latin language poets. This is an example of the paradox of Romania, itself - the romance language influence, as the Romanian language originates from Latin, however there are religious Orthodox influences as well where the Greek influence also emerges.

Sample of Vinyl to CD

Standard Version of Été d'amour

Sample of recording where no improvements required

Été d'amour

(Summer of love)

This recording features George Zamfir on pan pipes with orchestra.

Cassette to CD

Sample of Vinyl to CD

Inferior Version of Vivaldi's Presto from
Concerto alla Rustica

Sample of cheaply produced recording

Sample of Vinyl to CD

Enhanced Version of Vivaldi's Presto from
Concerto alla Rustica

Sample of superior produced recording

Presto from Concerto alla Rustica - Antonio Vivaldi

This is a movement from of a concerto for Violin and String Orchestra, typical of many which Vivaldi wrote.

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