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By clicking on either of the links below, you will find details of our pricing for the different types of typesetting and arranging available or, alternatively, you will be able to peruse samples of the contracts, which will need to be signed prior to the commencement of either Typesetting or Arranging Work. In relation to pricing considerations, of course, there will be occasions where a task does not totally fit this pricing and, under those circumstances, the quote for the task would have to be specially negotiated. Again, the prices indicated do not include “after quotation” alterations requested by the customer. Of course, corrections and cosmetic adjustments for making the music look better on the printed page are included.

The figures on the Pricing Page, for which the link is provided below, are separated into rates for typesetting (copying without alterations to the original music) and also orchestration (arranging). It should also be noted that copyright considerations are the responsibility of the customer and typesetting and copying work is for the benefit of the original composer and not where a third person presents with a printed copy of music and simply wants it recopied, which is in breach of copyright. Regarding orchestration and arranging, copyright is outlined on the Sample Contracts Page, for which the link is provided below.

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