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Please find below links to sample files, which, for files produced in either Finale or Sibelius software, after you click on the appropriate links, will open as videos which show the printed music with a scroll line showing where the playback is occurring, giving you both an impression of the printed music as well as how it sounds. These can be used to help performers for their rehearsals and performances. It should be emphasised, however, that where lyrics are included in this music, this playback is limited to simulation aahs or oohs, as the software, for the foreseeable future, cannot handle full lyric playback of lyrics. (No music notation software has that facility yet.)

Examples of Scores produced with Finale Software

Example of Melody Arrangement
Danny Boy - Full Score - First Verse
Danny Boy Original Score Cover
Danny Boy
Original Score Cover
Portrait of Fred Weatherly
Fred Weatherly (1848-1929),
Original Lyricist of
Danny Boy, was an English barrister, who was a prolific song writer and radio entertainer in his spare time.
Examples of Exotic Typesetting for Special Sound Effects
Extract from Sound Effects of a Storm and Sound Effects of a Vision
The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived Score Cover
The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived
Score Cover
Examples of Conventional Typesetting
Extracts of Wind Band and Vocal Music Compositions
Music of Paul Paviour -
Australian Composer
(British Born)

Examples of Scores produced with Sibelius Software

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